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Water Cooling

One way to improve efficiency of the PV setup is to cool the panels. The easiest way to achieve this is to simply spray water on them.
Here are the results of me doing just that:

The outside temperature at the time was 22.5 Deg C. The power being produced increased from 685W to 826W, a 20% increase in efficiency.
By coincidence, the panels are directly over a water tank I installed to capture the contents of a natural spring. The spring produces ~1000 litres per day, which is far more than I need to water the garden and chickens. The excess overflows into the stormwater drain.

Next step is to add some guttering to the panels, then a small (solar powered) pump to push the water through some standard garden irrigation pipes. 
It will be controlled by the Raspberry Pi with input from an additional temperature sensor mounted to the back of one of the panels.

Stage 1 complete
I have put the drainage in, the gutter catches the run off and directs it to the overflow pipe.
PV Panel Guttering
outlet pipe

Stage 2 complete
Automated the gravity feed tank. See this page for details.

Stage 3 complete
Hooked up the gravity tank to some irrigation sprinklers to cool the panels. As you can see in the graph I got a ~100W of extra power.



Stage 4 - TBC
Automate the sprinkler system based on the Panel temperature reading.