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Nexx WT3020 NAS

So I brought one of these things hoping to plug in a drive and have it serve up media to the rest of may existing LAN.
Unfortunately there were complications as the designers of the device had grander more complex ideas on how it was to be used.
After a bit of research and hacking I can now plug one Ethernet port into the LAN and a USB drive in and have its contents shared.

  1. Connect the WAN port to your LAN via an Ethernet cable
  2. Connect to the WT3020 access point. default ssid is NEXX_a2304e
  3. Open the admin console. defaults are admin/admin@
  4. Setup the WAN. go to "Home and Dorm" and select DHCP, next, enable security and add password then press apply
  5. Go to status and make sure the WAN has an IP address and take note of it (<IP>)
  6. Open command line and connect via telnet with : telnet <IP>
    1. username: nexxadmin
    2. password: y1n2inc.com0755 
  7. Edit the samba config and add the WAN interface: vi /etc/smb.conf and add eth2.2 to the interfaces line
  8. Reboot then connect to your usual LAN
  9. Once a fat32 drive is plugged in you should be able to see its contents by browsing to ftp://<IP>